Thursday, 24 March 2011

A Weather Report...

Yesterday, for the first time in just over 4 months, the temperature reached the heady heights of 10°C! We sat in the garden soaking up the sun (well I sat, the children ran about wrecking the place) for well over an hour when we got back from school, and it felt fantastic! I am also happy to report that our uninvited guests haven't eaten the bulbs, and they are actually growing even though most of them were planted upside down (not by me)! I will post photos of those at a later date as they are still just green sprouts, but for now I will leave you with a picture of these, they are absolutely everywhere right now....


  1. Can you ensure the sunny weather continues for a few more weeks, please? Much obliged!

  2. Trish, I will do my very best. It is positively balmy today, but it is blowing a gale. You may need to bring a large can of industrial strength hairspray, or a woolly hat to prevent that windswept look that we are all sporting right now!


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