Monday, 28 March 2011

Les Gourmands

Is what we have been this past weekend, and I currently feel like Augustus Gloop (or should that be Augusta?)... It started on Friday evening with a trip to the Argentinian Wine Bar Tango Y Vinos, just around the corner from Nyhavn. Here a big group of us partook in more than our fair share of excellent Argentinian wines and sumptuous tapas, served to us by the enthusiastic owner Daniel (who is ever so good at his job as purveyor of fine Argentinian wines, although I am not sure we needed that much encouragement to try a wide selection anyway...)! We didn't see any Tango-ing going on, (although I am reliably informed there usually is some) but that could have been because we left too early. We had to get home to relieve our lovely babysitter who was going to a party at 12 o'clock that same night - oh to be young again!...

Saturday meant for the first time in a couple of years I watched The Boat Race. Not at our usual location, The Ship in Mortlake (which is right by the finishing line), but at our friends house in Svanemøllen. As is normally the case, it was more of an excuse to get together than about The Boat Race itself, but it was nice to see London and that murky river in any event, even if it was just on screen! Another friend who takes this particular sporting event far more seriously than me (and as a Cambridge supporter was bitterly disappointed by the end result!!) made some delicious chocolate and orange cupcakes in the Oxford and Cambridge colours of dark and light blue. These cakes went on to cause much merriment later on when the Oxford colours stained everyone's teeth and lips dark blue (especially to those of us that had chosen Cambridge cakes instead! Now I come to think of it, maybe that was part of her plan just in case Cambridge lost - revenge is sweet!)! (photo of offending cake courtesy of Georgia Smith, thank you!)

Yesterday morning, I was very kindly given a pass out for the day, and went for brunch at the cavernous Vietnamese style restaurant LêLê nhà hàng on Vesterbrogade. We have been here for dinner before which was good (but Danish spicy, i.e. not spicy at all - easily remedied with half a bottle of this however), but the brunch was excellent. Freshly steamed dim-sum, Vietnamese spring rolls, a really nice congee with fresh chilis and coriander on the side, stir fried rice and noodles dishes, alongside all the usual eggs, bacon, sausage, and croissants etc. just in case you are not feeling very adventurous! The only disappointment was the lack of char siu bao (pork buns) - advertised on the board outside but nowhere to be seen. I managed to overcame my distress at this at the excellent dessert table (chocolate fountain for breakfast anyone?)! I would highly recommend it, especially as it's a very reasonable 155DK, and even more especially if you were to go home afterwards and sleep it off for the rest of the day. I didn't, more on that later...!

(PS. Hello to my new followers, it's really nice to have you here! Welcome, and I do appreciate you all - Do I sound like Dame Edna?!)


  1. Sriracha sauce is my religion ;)

  2. TI, I am thinking about carrying a bottle of it in my bag...! :)

  3. Our babysitter goes out after we come in too. :)

  4. Oh to be young again MMM! Emma :)


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