Wednesday, 9 March 2011

King of the Pancakes...

When I took S into school this morning, I found out that he had actually been crowned Kattekong (King of the Cats) as the first person to smash the wooden barrel containing the sweets for Fastelavn (why is this not a suprise to me?)! As the King he is now the proud owner of this rather fetching crown, and it's a shame he didn't have it to wear this morning to eat these for his birthday breakfast (we might have helped him!)! Yes, we also had pancakes yesterday for Shrove Tuesday, but in our house tradition dictates that you choose your favourite meals for your birthday, so pancakes it was! His teacher told me this afternoon that they have a saying in Denmark that if it's sunny on your birthday you must have been good, and if it's raining, well then it's the opposite! She did say this with a smile on her face, but nevertheless it was raining at the time! I can't believe it's a whole year since he celebrated being three by cutting up sheeps lungs at The Experimentarium (I would like to go back to visit the Body Worlds exhibit that's currently there, but I think I will be going alone as it may well traumatise me let alone two small children!)! We are going to do something to celebrate together properly over the next day or so, as today he was determined to go into school to have a little party with his friends. Definitely no longer a baby, definitely the funniest child I know, happy fourth birthday to my very own King of the Pancakes! xxx


  1. Aaah a happy birthday to him. I imagine smashing up a barrel of sweets would be great fun!

  2. Thank you, sweets are much kinder than a cat! :)

  3. Happy birthday to the king of pancakes and cats (or cat-shaped pancakes?)!

    The barrel-smashing for sweets stuff sounds rather like the piñatas of my youth.

    Always a pleasure to read your blog - very jealous of your opportunity to live in Denmark (even, or especially without Marmite)!

    Have mentioned you in a recent post by the way:

  4. Thank you, and thanks so much for that, I am very honoured! xx

  5. Thanks for commenting on my post about my trip to Copenhagen coming up. Any suggestions for things to interest a 15 year old boy always welcome. Would he like The Experimentarium? I'll look it up and ask him what he thinks.
    We only have two full days to spend in the City: hoping to have a good wander about (that will please the lazy teen....!!)

  6. Have just realised what you meant by the Body Worlds exhibition. My husband has always wanted to see that!! Must see if it will be on when we are there.

  7. And may there be many, many happy returns of the day... pancakes an' all!

  8. Trish I have sent you an email...

    The Dotterel...Why thank you very much:) and thank you very much for following too! Emma


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