Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Surreal Flea

I think I have spoken about my obsession with "junk" from other countries before, and hallelujah, it's Loppemarked time again! I made the most of having a child and husband free afternoon to explore one of the biggest markets in Denmark, at the Bella Center (after Brunch the other day!). Believe me, going by myself is the stress free alternative to having to constantly listen to "I'm hungry", and "I need the toilet", when you are trying to look for treasure (and the children are just as bad!)... Luckily a couple of others decided to join me on the journey there, as I think I would have ended up in Sweden otherwise, but in retrospect it's actually very easy to get to. The Bella Center is quite a strange looking building, I know conference centres aren't known for their style and grace, but the inside reminded me of a giant Scout Hut (not that I have been in many you understand), and it's next door to an even stranger looking hotel! I have also come to the conclusion that I prefer the smaller private Loppemarkeds, as you get much more interesting stuff from private vendors at a much cheaper price, but it was interesting to have a rummage through the hundreds of stalls all the same.

I am not sure if it was just me (it probably was), but I actually found my afternoon at this particular market quite surreal, let the following pictures help illustrate this for you...

If you have a penchant for staring at stuffed birds in a melancholy fashion, then this market was the place for you.

If you are looking for a special gift for the couple that have everything, then you missed the opportunity this time I'm afraid, I think someone actually bought this.

If you specifically wanted to buy a stuffed owl "in flight" (perhaps for the Labyrinth fan amongst your friends) from two sisters having an attic clear out (and who must clearly live in a fascinating house), then I suppose they might be there next time if you are lucky....

These were not the only strange scenes I witnessed, just look at this poor man...

This is obviously a desperate cry for help (although the sceptic in me believes that this (along with placing himself under the giant knife and fork) was a deliberate ploy to being told to "just leave, and go to the pub". I didn't see him again (and he was quite hard to miss), perhaps it worked!)?

There were a couple of items I did see that I loved though, how cute are these?

I nearly bought them, but they were a) extortionate and b) I thought that the wooden floors in our rented house wouldn't thank me very much!

I did however buy this, from a very lovely man who explained that the artist's son is a now a famous stunt man. Each side depicts a season and I really like it (my children are not sure about it though, apparently because it has "nakeds" on it!)! If you fancy visiting a flea market should you be in the vicinity, have a look here, you should be able to find one to go to!


  1. I love what you bought - that appeals to me even with the 'nakeds'. Having a good old chortle at the weary chap with a table over his head!

  2.'re just like me then! I thought I was the only one left in the world, but I must say that your flea markets over there are far more interesting.I probably wouldn't be able to keep my hands off the chairs..even with the wooden floors!! Loved your photo' really captured a mood!

  3. Oh I love those chairs I really do. I have found you via Blow your own blog horn

  4. Thanks Trish, the guy made me chuckle too, he did look a bit peaved bless him!

    MATSG - Once you have got rid of your old junk come over and find some new foreign junk, it's always more interesting in another country!

    TMH - Hello, thanks for the follow!! Until you both mentioned it, I hadn't even thought of them as chairs before, I just saw the wheels and knew my children wouldn't think of them as chairs either!!

  5. What a fun post to read and great photos. Sometimes you're more entertained by the odd sights at places like these than anything else. Those stuffed birds do creep me out though!

    Very nice vase/urn:-)

  6. Oh cool chairs! What an interesting place to visit.

  7. Thank you BaT! :D Hadn't thought of it as looking like an urn before, luckily it doesn't look like it is missing a lid!! I agree with you about the stuffed birds too!

    Thank you Jacq. I know, I should have bought them....

  8. Oh i love the his and hers hair curling brush. they look like such a happy couple on the box and you know, a joint hobby is so important in a relationship! :)

  9. Thanks Heather! I remember someone looking at the box and I really hoped they bought it. It would have made an idea wedding present for someone :)


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