Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Liebster Award

The lovely and very funny Mañana Mama (it took me ages to find out how to type the tilde above the N!) nominated me for this award recently, thank you so much!! It's nice to think that people do sometimes enjoy my witterings, and I am not just talking to myself (which is quite often situation normal in this household) and it was equally nice to be nominated by someone whose blog is also one of my favourites! I have started writing this post so many times as I am so indecisive (sorry it's taken me so long MM!), and it's taken me forever to whittle down a few of my favourite blogs (because I actually have hundreds), but to pass on the good will here are a few off my list!:-

1. The Syders, A beautiful blog from a mother of four with a passion for family, gardening and all things vintage!

2. Copenhagen Follies One of the first blogs I started reading before we moved here! A great read from an environmentalist mother of two beautiful boys! Check out their recent adventure to Morocco, it will bring out the wanderlust in you!

3. Don't Step on the Cracks A fairly new blog, but written honestly and very well! I always look forward to reading any new posts!

4. Hello It's Gemma Quite brilliant and inspiring posts from a working mum of the lovely Noo, film enthusiast, and brave restaurant with small child visitor (and fellow Waitrose lover...)!

5. Belgian Waffle The funniest blog I have yet to come across, from this Expat mum of two boys (and caretaker of the lovely and droopy tailed Weepette)...

If you feel inclined to do so, here are some recommendations on how to accept and spread the award, please don't feel obliged!:

1. Create a blog post about the award. Include the Liebster image and a link back to me.
2. Choose and notify 3-5 of your favourite bloggers to pass the award on to, with an eye towards bringing new or lesser-known bloggers to light.



  1. Awww thanks Emma! Probably will never get around to doing it, I'm backlogged in awards! (cause I'm just fab, :-P) Did you really read my blog before you moved here? That's perserverence for ya! See you Friday I hope :)

  2. Totally understand! Yes, I really did read it before we moved here (and Mina's, another favourite of mine!), just shows what a small place it is! Yep, hopefully see you Friday :) Emma

  3. thank you very much for including me! I am very touched *smiling broadly*.

  4. You are very welcome! Emma :)

  5. A great-looking reading list - some are new discoveries for me, thanks!

  6. Thankyou soooooo much...I'm absolutely thrilled!
    P.S how do you type the tilde above the N? xxx

  7. Thanks - a lovely compliment to be listed x


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