Sunday, 8 May 2011

Wanted: Fortune Teller

Recent events have meant that we are not sure how much longer we will be here. It may be weeks, it's more likely to be months, but it definitely won't be years. I thought I would be more anxious to be honest, but strangely it feels like things are naturally coming to a close here, and the big wide world awaits! I am quite happy at the prospect of change (even if it may currently be quite stressful trying to decide which path we should take), but we are lucky to have options, which is more than a lot of people currently in the same boat as us have!

So whilst we try to work out which option is best for us, I am asking that my "Danish" readers bear with me, whilst for purely selfish reasons I try to cover as many of the things we haven't yet visited here in the coming weeks. Some of it may well be predictable tourist stuff, but I will be trying to cram a lot in just in case our time here runs out sooner than anticipated...

In the meantime, if anyone happens to know Mystic Meg's whereabouts, can you tell her I would appreciate it if she could have a look into that big ball of hers and advise us what to do...Thank you!


  1. hope all is OK. it's not just me whose not sure what the future will bring - can I have some time with Mystic Meg when you find her.....
    if she could tell us the lottery numbers too - we could be a bit more in control!!!
    lots of love to you, enjoy your time, cram in all you can and best wishes for what comes next XX

  2. Hmm, we are sort of in the same boat. trying to decide whether to stay or go and if we go where, is it NZ or somewhere else.. Good luck x

  3. Oh gosh, living with uncertainty is the lot of the expat. Not easy.

  4. Exciting stuff! I will happily 'follow' you on your journey.

  5. Wow, Emma. Sounds like change is afoot. Good luck getting through it all and I hope you find some answers soon xx

  6. @HelloitsGemma Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Will most definitely send Meg over to you once I track her down. Hopefully things will be a little clearer for us sooner, I am just a bit impatient for situations like this...Hope your situation looks a bit more settled soon too xx

    @FrankieP It's tricky isn't it... NZ sounds lovely though!!

    @Iota, it certainly is is the lot of an expat isn't it, you have to take the good with the bad I suppose :)

    @Lijn, thank you. I really appreciate that :)

    @Kitty, change is definitely afoot! I hate not being in control though, hence the turmoil! Hope to see you tomorrow? xx

  7. Ah, good luck - these times can be so stressful, but also full of opportunity. I have been looking for Mystic Meg for about 30 years now - could really use a peep into the future myself - if I find her, will definitely send her on to you next - hope your next adventure is equally exciting.

  8. Thanks so much M. If I run into her before you do, I will send her on over... :)


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