Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Unintended Countries and Fabulous Hens...

For months I have joked about my appalling directional skills, and how I have almost ended up in Sweden on numerous occasions. Well last night it finally happened! I had been in London for the weekend (on a secret mission - more on that in a moment), and was feeling ever so slighly smug at being one of the first off the plane and having only hand luggage! In my haste to get home to see my babies, I jumped on a waiting train, congratulating myself on this great run of good luck I was having! It was probably when we started to cross a big bridge across the sea that I realised I was Sweden bound, but luckily the very helpful ticket inspector felt gave me instructions on which train to catch back to Denmark at the next station. The ticket inspector on the next train however, was not quite so jovial. I had to tell a terrible lie about how it was my first trip to Copenhagen, and my friend had actually posted me the clip card ticket thing, and had given me confusing directions. After a very stern talking to about tickets from other countries not being valid in other countries, and how I should have asked someone before I got on the train, I was finally let off without having to buy a further ticket, as long as I promised to look at the "beautiful bridge" as we went back over it (honestly!). It only added an extra hour or so to my journey in the end, but I do believe it was karma for my earlier smugness!

So now I can explain what I was doing back home. With her wedding being less than 3 weeks away, my sister of course needed a decent hen do to bid farewell to "single" life. As she will only have one hen do after all (hopefully!) I decided to return as a surprise (having carefully explained to her that as we had been back at Easter, I couldn't really spare the time!)... The look on her face when she opened the hotel door was fantastic! She looked quite stunned, which may or may not be because she was hoping for a stripogram instead of her big sister...! We had a fabulous afternoon, which involved us enjoying lots of cakes, champagne and fiddly little sandwiches followed by more champagne... I love the photograph of her looking really "thrilled" about one of the few pieces of hen-do tat that her friends managed to bestow upon her (she got away far too lightly in my opinion!) Then it was on to our next secret destination, a private karaoke room in a Soho restaurant. The copious amounts of Champagne we had earlier enjoyed helped transform us all into the most amazing singers, so I expect that anyone having the good fortune of listening in must have thought we were all professional(!!)

Anyway, time to finish getting unpacked and sorted, and possibly spend some time studying the public transport maps of Denmark...


  1. When I arrived in the room I was so disappointed you weren't there, then the door bell rang and you appeared! I was so happy to see you, it wouldn't have been the same without you! So glad you came, love you being such a good lier!! xxx

  2. You big fibber pretending it was your first trip! I'd love to travel on that bridge.

    Champagne-fuelled karaoke sounds heaven to me.

  3. Luce, We have waited for so long for you to both get married, I wasn't going to miss the hen do was I? xxx

    Trish, the bridge was very beautiful in a bridge on a sunny day like way, and the champagne fuelled karaoke, even more beautiful!! ;)

  4. Wow, those grown-up treats look AWESOME! Sisters are the best - I'm going to see mine this weekend, and I'm hopping up and down with excitement to see her :)

  5. Thanks M. They were indeed very tasty! Hope you have a fabulous time with your sister this weekend! :)

  6. What a fabulous feast! and what a nightmare journey, if it's any consolation I've done that too - maybe not to a differnt country but wrong train yes :)
    I've tagged you over at mine http://wp.me/p1oA7H-TF

  7. I haerd those countries all look the same anyhoo! No?! ahhh. Nice cakes...who was the first person to come out with the line "we will be needing considerably bigger buns"?!

  8. They are very similar, but the others have much bigger hills! The cakes were delicious, and yes I am sure that something along those lines were uttered in true hen party style! :)


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