Monday, 16 May 2011


Caught on film - S (who is usually excellent at not touching exhibits by the way), studying a lion at Frederiksborg Slot this morning (we are going through a castle phase, have you guessed?). Just as I went to take the picture, a small hand shot out and a finger was lodged up the lion's nose. He was obviously trying to add to his collection of failed escapology incidents in Denmark, as if getting your head stuck through the railings at the top of the Roundtower wasn't enough!! Luckily for both of us, he wasn't stuck for very long at all - this time, can you imagine?

Thankfully, there was no way on earth his head would have fitted through these railings!!


  1. Thats funny!!! Kids are great! x

  2. Aren't they just!! :) Emma x

  3. Don't count on his head not getting stuck in the railings. When my sister and i were about 4 she managed to get her head stuck in some ralings on a bridge.. Not funny at the time but a great source of amusement now..

  4. Hah, and I thought I was the only one with a kid who likes to pick statues noses. Museums are more fun hands on :)

  5. @Frankie, oh don't worry he's already managed that at the top of the 16th century round tower, it was awful!! I am looking forward to telling people about it when he's older too!!

    @Manana Mama - what is it about noses? He can't leave his own alone, let alone statue's noses!!



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