Sunday, 15 May 2011

Rosenborg Slot

In the land of summer houses, I think Rosenborg Slot beats them all hands down. Built in 1606 by King Christian IV to his design, his summer abode is definitely worth a visit. I recently spent a happy morning shuffling around this fairytale castle (complete with miniature moat), exploring its tiny but intricate rooms that are stuffed to the rafters with royal nic-nacs.

Three lifesize beautiful silver lions flank the Queens throne and the Coronation Throne (complete with narwhal tusks!) in the impressive Knights Hall, and if you are a fan, you will spot plenty of elephant themed bits and bobs about the place, including this slightly bizarre suit of armour with ornate elephant arm protectors. I feel that the wearer had a bit of an unfair advantage here, it would have given them plenty of time to chop off the head of their opponent - while they were trying to work out what the hell he had on his arms...

Rosenborg is also home to Denmark's very sparkly Crown Jewels, with crowns and orbs galore (which should have any aspiring princess checking out the size of her head in the reflection of the glass cases the jewellery's displayed in).

The grounds of the castle (Kongens Have, or Kings Garden!) are manicured and beautiful, and worth a visit alone. They are popular with relaxing locals and picnicking tourists alike. There's also a great playground for children consisting of dragons and sandpits, and a decent cafe by the main gates. Visit on a warm day, and combine it with a trip to the Botanical Gardens over the road, you would then be hard-pressed to remember you were in a city at all!


  1. Happy memories of a glorious Good Friday morning spent there. A perfect little castle.

  2. Thanks Trish, it's lovely isn't it! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures,love the last one i could just take a walk down there :)

  4. Wow, I have never been, must put it on a lit of things to do, if we get to visit

  5. Thanks Clairejustine! :)

  6. @TheMadHouse, you must visit, I think you would love it here! It's also very compact so you can see it all in a long weekend! :)


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