Monday, 23 May 2011

Charlotte's Web & Other Insects of Denmark...

This is Charlotte. She has taken up temporary residence in one corner of our bedroom. As she's a prospective mother, I can't quite bring myself to hoover her up or chuck her out of the bedroom window, so there she sits, tending to her impending brood. She's got until I spot that at least two of her tiny babies have hatched out, and then they will all be relocated to the garage (by my able assistant!).

Although strangely compelled to leave this spider mama in peace (for the time being!), I could quite happily be mean to the silverfish that inhabit this country in abundance! I only ever saw them squashed in old books at home, but they are so prevalent here that if there were ever a National Insect award, these guys would surely win it for Denmark.

Thankfully they are not actually this big (but in my mind they are!).


  1. Goodness I thought you were being taken over by an alien invasion for a moment there!!

  2. Thank you for clarifying that Danish silver fish are not actually that size - you had me terrified for a moment there.

    No shame in keeping a pet spider - they are good luck.

  3. gross gross gross silverfish gross euuurgh blurgh (do you understand where I am coming from?!)

  4. @MummyDichotomy - so do I, everytime I go into the bathroom...!!

    @MananaMama, this is actually a giant model at the Zoological Museum (thankfully!)...

    @Kelloggsville - totally and utterly, vile scuttley little creatures...!!

  5. I'm glad you explained what that was. It looked real :-)

  6. oh my goodness. You had my heart in my throat when I looked at that picture. Thank goodness that isn't their actual size!

  7. Believe me, there's no way I could live in any country if they had insects really this size...!! :)


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