Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Botanical Gardens

Having previously been spoilt with Kew Gardens on our doorstep (and possibly having overdosed ever so slightly), I wasn't really in a hurry to visit The Botanical Gardens here. But I went recently, and although they are not that similar in terms of scale, they did remind me of Kew, and quite charming in their own right they are too (they also have a few unusual residents, thankfully I was on my own or there would have been a few "piggy back" questions about these two)!...

But the picture below was my favourite encounter of the day. He was far too busy fishing to take much notice of his papparazzi, which made it much easier to take his portrait!

I was only passing through this time, but next time I would try to make an afternoon of it, possibly take a picnic, and maybe pack in the museum too. See, I told you I felt a few more touristy-type posts coming on in the countdown to our departure...!


  1. Fantastic pictures. I love the majestic heron and will try to pay him a visit one day! Hope all is well x

  2. Thanks Kitty, I thought of you earlier, when I read a copy of the CPH post!! Well done you! Won't be at the next walk as I will be in London, but should be at the July one. All is well here, hope it is with you too! Emma xx


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