Friday, 6 May 2011

Kuru Kuru Sushi....

Food is, and always has been a big part of our lives. Restaurants were also quite a big part of our lives once upon a time, but having children soon put an end to that (well, we don't get to go quite so frequently now anyway!)! We have always tried to include the kids in our love of food by letting them help cook, and by eating out as much as we can with them. It's important to us that they learn to appreciate food, to eat healthily, and also how to behave in restaurants, but more importantly all of this should be fun! This restaurant ticks all the boxes as it keeps everyone happy! Be warned however, for a relaxing meal it does not make! The conveyor-belt passes quickly, and as both children fling open the doors and grab the brightly coloured dishes they fancy as they pass by, the table is covered before you know it! There are rules though... if you pick it, you eat it, or at very least you have to try it, which amazingly often works! We also get to eat whatever doesn't pass their taste test, which isn't usually much of a problem, as it tends to be good sushi! If you are looking for a restaurant suitable for children in the Greater Copenhagen area, then I would recommend it as a fun place to take them, but with good quality food.


  1. There's a similar sushi bar close to me at Bluewater and I am dying to try it, maybe I will now, just not sure if I'll go alone with the twins or try to convince my OH to join me (he's very much a meat man) ;)

  2. You should try it, the kids love it! Tell your husband they do chicken in most of these places too ;) Let me know how you get on! :) Emma

  3. Thanks Clairejustine, it wasn't half bad, I can tell you! :)


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