Thursday, 4 August 2011

Observations of a Fashion Dummy

It was the first day of Copenhagen Fashion Week yesterday. We had wondered why it was heaving with even more beautiful people than usual! I have never been a fashionista. For a start, I wasn't blessed with a stick-like physique, and have quite honestly never really had the desire to wear something like this possibly octopus inspired piece even if I had been!: -

Neither would I feel comfortable enough to wear something like the fabulous "winged" ensemble below, apart from at a fancy dress party anyway! I do envy this girl's confidence though!...

I guess I can take solace in the fact that one day my photo albums will be grateful that I didn't have much courage when it came to outlandish fashion! If you are in CPH, and are wondering what on earth is happening with the gathering of the beau monde en masse over the next few days, you know now! At least the restaurants will be empty!


  1. No,no and no - never will I be seen in wings like those strolling nonchalantly down a high street unless I have been heavily on the bottle and not capable of thinking rationally :)

  2. Exactly what I thought :)

  3. She looks like she lost a fight with a bike pump. Or a pair of squirrels.

    Confidence though, I agree.

  4. Wings!! seriously it looks like she has slung a matching backpack on each shoulder... so no right...

  5. Wow! I never understand fashion when it doesn't make you look good - I thought that was the point? That girl looks like she has an amazing figure under the wings - but you really can't tell.

  6. @Rachel - they were so puffy, it is quite believable that she pumped herself up before she left the house!

    @Frankie - unfortunately I didn't see the front view... She was certainly clearing a path!

    @1978Rebecca - Oh to have the confidence of youth again...! :)

  7. @I'm So Fancy - she could have been on her way to a star trek party of course...!


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