Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Final Flea (& a Timely Plea)....

I can't believe what is happening in London right now. A group of kids attacking and destroying their own communities for what? A stolen TV or a pair of trainers? I try very hard not to make any political or negative comments in this blog, it's not really what I wanted to use it for, but to say I am sickened at what has been going is an understatement.

Anyway, whilst talking of rubbish (and on a much lighter note), having been to many a loppemarked during our time here ("no, really?" I hear you say!), at the weekend I had a brain wave to to have a stall myself at one of these things to get rid of a load of stuff pre-move, a good move in an internet-auction free land! Such a good idea, especially when you don't speak much of the language either (I am full of them!)!!... Needless to say, it proved to be interesting to say the least... From the man who spent at least half an hour inspecting a Dora doll, to the elderly lady who knocked over and broke lots of china on a neighbouring table. Being a stall holder instead of perusing is so incredibly boring , I will never be tempted to do one again. I did find this little blue jug though which was bought with a small amount of the proceeds! I have now given the rest to Kids Company London, a charity run entirely through fundraising and donations. It helps give vulnerable inner city children support and direction, and hopefully a much better outlook and future... Please have a look if you haven't heard of them, they do such an incredible job.

Ps. Denmark, you really need to get Ebay...!


  1. that is another great find of yours. gorgeous colour.. I am tempted to get out to the markets myself but it will just be mroe stuff to ship back..

    Seriously, no Ebay??

  2. Seriously, no Ebay, and I miss it. I could make a fortune out of my loppemarked fines!! Glad you like it, I am nurturing a strange jug collection obviously! Emma :)

  3. Great cause. My sister used to work for Kids Company and they do great work. If ever there was a city that needs it....
    I thought that dba.dk was the Danish equivalent of ebay. But I do prefer the loppedmarked and the Danish art of rummaging ; ) xx

  4. The vulnerable inner city children are currently busy selling everything they've looted on eBay no doubt using the computers provided by charity *sigh* Well done for still caring though. I currently simply want to see them all put down. Tomorrow I'll be more giving. Nice jugs you have by the way :)

  5. Thanks Kitty... It is a great charity isn't it. Camila is such an inspirational person. I think Dba is similar but it doesn't have the auction facility does it? Haven't actually looked... should do, I have pushchairs and stuff that could go on there! xx

    Kellogsville - glad you like my jugs ;)

    It is so difficult at the moment isn't it and I can totally understand why you feel like that, but the reason why this charity is important is that it gets to these kids before they feel compelled to behave like this, and drop out of society. It shows them see that there is an alternative to gangs and helps restrict the damage done to them by appalling parenting (or lack of any parenting!). Most kids that have been helped by Kids Company go on to actually do something good with their lives, and become a valued part of their community... If there were more charities like this to help them see that they can have a future, they should be part of society, it would be a start... Hope you are all unpacked and sorted after your trip! Emma :) xx

  6. Gosh I thought it might be fun being a stall holder - well done you for giving to Kids Company - did you see this article by Camilia (can't spell surname) http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/camila-batmanghelidjh-caring-costs-ndash-but-so-do-riots-2333991.html

    worth a read - great photo X

  7. Beautiful jug and my favourite flowers (well one of them). x

  8. @helloitsgemma - Thanks Gemma, a great article! I think she has had a very very busy few days!xx

    @Lulu - Thank you! Glad you like them!

  9. This just reminds me how much I need to de-clutter, and soon! Love the little jug. But the the best bit of the post for me was clicking on the Kids Company link. Amazing. Thanks Emma.

  10. Thanks Pia. Have just invested in a beautiful Moomin Jug, that is the final piece in my jug collection. I love it!! Kids Company is a pretty special charity, just can't believe they have to raise all their own funding...


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