Wednesday 3 August 2011

El Floridita - A Taste of Cuba in Copenhagen

I paid a visit to Salon 39 recently. For the summer, they have transformed this small restaurant and cocktail bar into a shrine to the famous El Floridita bar in Havana (with their permission!). The talented barman shook us up a wickedly delicious Papa Doble, a cocktail named in honour of that certain patron that made El Floridita famous - Ernest Hemingway. It was gorgeous, if not a little strong (of course it would be - it's a double!). Having once visited the real El Floridita for a Daquiri or two, I thought the guys at Salon 39 had done a pretty good job in replicating all sorts of aspects of the original! So eager are they to set the right mood, one of the bar men has actually even officially changed one of his names to Miguel...

Thanks to the smell (and taste) of fresh limes and the vague smell of cigar smoke, the music, and of course the rum, the atmosphere instantly transported me back - but then again that could have been thanks to the Daquiris! A great place, tucked away in a residential area, but equidistant between Forum and Vesterport Stations. Visit before the end of August when it will transform back into Salon 39 once more...


  1. Thanks for the tip. Looks worth a visit.

  2. Sounds fab, can't go wrong with rum.... love it, the dark stuff of course...

  3. Thanks Lijn! You should go if you get the chance! :)

    Thanks Frankie - very true. I am such a sucker for a decent Daquiri as well, my favourite! :)

  4. Sounds fab..was there any Tango dancing?!!

    xx Jazzy

  5. Thanks Grammi :) xx

    Thanks Jazzy! I imagine that after several of those cocktails there may well have been dancing taking place. Unfortunately I didn't stay late enough to find out! :)


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