Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Nature's Finest

Beautiful Nature

After our lovely afternoon near Tisvildeleje a couple of weeks ago, we decided to venture back again on Sunday, wringing out what is likely to be the last of the summer (whilst feeling ever so slightly cheated by the fact that there are now snow boots in the shops for crying out loud...)!

For a change of scenery, this time we walked to nearby Troldeskoven - Witch Wood - thus called as the trees look like they have come straight out a fairytale (more Brother's Grimm than HC Andersen though) having been sculpted by the wind into gnarled and twisted shapes. The kids loved it, and we sat for ages on the forest's mossy carpet whilst they built a camp and we swatted away mosquitoes.

After a while, the small people suddenly remembered the other attraction in the immediate vicinity, so being the kind and dutiful parents that we are, we left the forest and cut down through the dunes to the beach... I am only grateful that seconds earlier my eyes had been soothed by some of natures finest achievements , as they were now being tortured by completely the revolting opposite. As soon as our bottoms had touched the sand, it became glaringly obvious that we were the most over-dressed people on this particular stretch of beach. The children however, now obviously used to Swimming in Denmark, were completely oblivious thankfully, and happily paddled in the sea and built sandcastles without even a second glance. Don't get me wrong, the sight of the odd naked bod. isn't shocking at all, but the amount of parading, preening and stretching going on here by bodies less than beautiful was quite a peculiar sight to behold, and not just a little hysterical. I am just grateful that the children didn't notice one gentleman's particular adornment as we made our hasty exit from what was perhaps our swiftest beach trip ever.

I have just about recovered from our Sunday afternoon Family Outing, but let's just say, I may never be able to face a Danish hot-dog again.

Not so beautiful Nature...


  1. What a beautiful blog site! First time Ive visited it...your photos are stunning!! I've only been to Copenhagen - it was -23 degrees so everyone had their clothes on but clearly Denmark has MUCH more to offer!! X

  2. Thank you fastandluce, that's so kind of you :) Yes, I can imagine a lot more clothes would have been worn in those kind of temperatures - unless you are in a swimming pool changing room (!!)... xx

  3. Hah! Nature does have a sense of humour. You make Denmark seem like such a magical place, warts and all.

  4. Mens bits and pieces are not object d'art!! But on the upside when things around aren't all 'Hollywood' I usually don't mind joining in :)

  5. @Rachel - thank you... She does indeed have a sense of humour! :)

    @Kellogsville - Hollywood it certainly was not :)

  6. Hmmm, can't understand why you don't fancy a hotdog??
    Think i would prefer looking at the gnarled up tree, that is gorgeous x

  7. @Emma... no, nothing I haven't seen before. Well actually that's not true... Just felt it wasn't perhaps the most child orientated beach...!

  8. @Frankie - they are quite something, very eerie! Emma :)

  9. Oh I want to come and play in those trees and laugh at bottoms on the beach! he he!
    Thanks so much for your starting school tips btw, love the lunchbox one x

  10. Well you know where we are! I will come with you to show you the trees and then meet you after you have finished with the beach!! Emma :) x


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