Wednesday, 3 March 2010


My five year old and I have a small daily disagreement about her having to wear a snowsuit to school. Wearing a snowsuit is obviously quite a strange concept for an English child used to milder weather, (although if the winters in the UK carry on being like the one they have just had, you might want to get some snowsuits in if you own a clothes shop, you will make a lot of money next Winter!!). Her dislike for this particularly lovely, very stylish (in that Scandinavian kids wear kind of way), navy blue (so her brother can wear it when she grows out of it) number stems from the fact that it is a) not pink, and b) that it's not a dress. If anyone can point me in the direction of a pink dress-shaped snowsuit - that would be fantastic! However, I do think that she may just be in luck and that perhaps the "beloved" snowsuit may be packed away soon enough, as today is just stunning. Our house is almost all window on one side and the sunlight is streaming through, which is lovely, even if I do feel like I am in a sauna! Maybe Spring is finally on it's way. Maybe Denmark is green after all, not white, and maybe we can get out and do a lot more exploring in a kinder climate! Who knows...

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