Thursday, 18 March 2010

Happy Birthday Sweetheart....

So many birthdays recently - my husband is 40 today, happy birthday darling... here's to the next 40! Don't worry, you don't look it and you certainly don't act it (ha ha)!! It's a beautiful spring day for it too, the snowdrops are out and crocuses are starting to make an appearance ...that snowsuit and our winter coats will definitely be going away soon, and the snow has finally almost gone - yippee!...

Last night I spent the entire evening making a huge tray of millionaire's shortbread for my husband to take into work, it will make a change from Danish pastries anyway! Turned out very well (thanks Nigella, your microwave version is fabulous)even though I made a mistake with the shortbread, let's just say they nearly were "all-butter" shortbread!! I have never been any good at doubling and tripling recipes!!!

Didn't book a restaurant incase I have to make an emergency exit back to London, so I am cooking. I managed to find some turbot (his favourite) in the fishmongers as a special treat, wouldn't buy fish at those prices normally, but it looks really fresh and the other half is now in the freezer! Will do it with fennel and lemongrass a la Gordon Ramsay. Fingers crossed I don't overcook it! Just finished the birthday cake too, will be sick of the kitchen after today and yesterday!

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