Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Birthday Boy...

My Gorgeous boy was 3 today. My baby is no longer a baby. He has also, with a lot of encouragement from us, decided that he is a big boy who no-longer needs his night time dummy, and today gave up this life-long comfort without so much as a whimper - much to my surprise! After a breakfast of birthday cake (his request!), he chose to go to his most favourite place on earth for his birthday treat - the Squarium Tarium, a.k.a The Experimentarium. This huge museum on the site of an old brewery building is a must if you are visiting Copenhagen with children. I have also taken various adult visitors there, who loved it as much as the children! It's filled with so many hands-on experiments and has very child-friendly, enthusiastic staff. The only disappointment of the day was that my Son's favourite exhibit was currently off limits, as they are constructing something new in that area, so he was unable to play with "the bodies" as he calls them. These life size plastic bodies are a kind of a jigsaw that he loves to try and put back together, even if they end up with a liver on the head, or a lung in the intestinal area!! Maybe we have a future surgeon (hopefully much improved!) on our hands... After picking up his sister from school he chose to go to Jensen's Bofhus for his birthday tea. Not a restaurant we would choose to frequent on a regular basis, it reminds me of a Harvester Restaurant, a naff UK restaurant chain - but not quite as bad. The kids loved it though, especially for it's ice-cream buffet, a self-styled creation of Mr Whippy ice cream decorated haphazardly with various sweets and sauces. A birthday boy's dream!

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