Tuesday, 30 March 2010

One a Penny, Two a Penny.....

Hot Cross Buns... Ta dah....

My mother and grandmother will be very proud of me! They have always made their own hot cross buns, and I don't think I will ever beat their attempts, but we had fun making them even if they did take FOREVER to make. Good things come to those that wait however, and even if they were all strange and wonderful sizes (thanks to the modelling expertise of my two children), they went down a treat in this hot cross bun deprived house! I might also take my son's advice, if you haven't any daughters that might want hot cross buns, he suggests that you give them to yourself - sounds good to me! Next time, I might also use my mum's tip and put a marzipan cross on top as that would be easier than piping the cross, and it would be sweeter too. We still have some Cadbury's creme eggs left over from my trip to the UK, it feels like Easter in our house!

I had a really lovely dream last night! Years ago, I would dream about travelling through exotic countries and the like, my dream last night was about... Waitrose - how sad is that? In it, I was wandering up and down its huge, lovely, wide and empty (ok, it was a dream!) aisles, looking at the vast selection of produce, and all the things I miss, then I woke up with the horrible thought that I would have to attempt to do a big shop today before all the shops close tomorrow for Easter! It was as hideous as I expected, it was like the big Christmas food shop all over again! I really don't like the supermarkets here, don't get me wrong, I think the quality of the food here is mostly good, and it's really refreshing to get quite a bit of local produce and good fruit and veg available seasonally, but if they could just change the layout a bit, and put in some bigger aisles, so you don't have to wait for half an hour while someone picks out which rugbrød they are having? It would make the whole experience a lot more pleasant, honestly!

Dear me, is that really my first moan? Well my close friends and family will be surprised - it's only taken me six and a bit months!

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