Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Frederiksberg Have

After the close inspection of the Dummy Tree on Sunday, we spent a further couple of hours admiring Frederiksberg Have's other slightly less embellished trees.  They are currently putting on a spectacular autumnal display, which felt ever so slightly surreal given the unseasonally warm weather.  It's a stunning park, that is loved by the inhabitants of Copenhagen (if you can call it a park, it's the grounds of a rather beautiful palace...), and huge groups of friends and family gather to celebrate various occasions (no more dummy parties perhaps?) and enjoy each other's company.  If you are lucky (or not, depending on how you feel about Zoos of course!) you might spot an animal or two next door as well!

What with all that tree-appreciation, conker-collecting, leaf-kicking, scooting and hill-rolling, we had worked up quite an appetite, so we paid a visit to The BBQ Shack nearby.  This is somewhere we have been meaning to try for a while, as we had heard very good things about it.  Let's just say it's pretty lucky that a) we don't live around the corner , and b) we are leaving the country, this place is too good.  The buffalo wings are incredible and pack a good spicy punch! The ribs are mighty fine too, as are the Mac & Cheese, the coleslaw, the bbq beans, the blue-cheese dressing, the baked potatoes, you get the picture...   Anyway, it's authentic US cuisine, with authentic US super friendly service too, and I highly recommend it for a very decent takeaway!



  1. i get the feeling that you're cramming in as much of the city as you can before you have to pack up and leave! gorgeous photographs of the park, and the light through the leaves :)

  2. Pia, I have a feeling you might be right ;) Thank you, glad you like the pictures! :) xx

  3. Seeing the title I thought you'd moved already. Glad to see a few more photos of Denmark.

  4. Nearly there Midlife Singlemum, only a few more days to go... :) Glad you like the pics! x

  5. Great photos. The lighting in the park shots is perfection!


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