Saturday 8 October 2011


Star Flyer

And so the goodbyes begin. It's quite a strange feeling really, and as well as saying goodbye to people, we are also saying goodbye to places as well. Tivoli was first on the list as it closed for the season recently... 

The Little Pilot

As the first place we visited together as a family, (almost as soon as our feet touched Danish soil), I will always have a soft spot for Tivoli. We have plenty of happy memories from the many (many) times we visited. For those people that are about to move to Copenhagen, this will be one of the places that you visit the most, believe me (make sure you buy a season ticket, it will pay for itself in a few trips!)!  We took so many guests here, that at times I will admit to being thoroughly sick of the place, but it was really nice to visit it one last time to bid it a fond farewell.

The Galley Ships

 We had to make sure that we went on almost every single ride for old times sake, bidding farewell to our favourites, Den Flyvende Kuffart (The Flying Trunk), a trip through the tales of Hans Christian Andersen, (which it is worth alone for a listen to the English narration -. when you get to the Little Match Girl listen out for the part about the "gooooze"), The Mine (a leisurely journey through a "diamond mine", complete with giant sneezing pink dragon), The Galley Ships with its manicly spinning viking ships, and a couple of turns on the traditional and very beautiful carousel.  The first time Small Boy ever went on this he started off astride a small rhinocerous.  The ride turned once, and the rhinocerous reappeared without him.  Panic gripped, until I saw him high upon the giraffe's back, he had obviously had a change of heart!

We saved the best, the glorious Rutschebane  for last (and went on it 4 times in a row)...    This elderly wooden roller coaster (one of the oldest in the world) comes with a brake person for each train, employed soley to deploy the brakes before and after each big dip (can you imagine that job?)! This is a ride we all love, and you can't help but laugh most of the way round (I do shut my eyes at the top, where it looks like you could go careering off the edge though)... I remember my Dad convincing my Step-Mother that this ride was really tame, but all you could hear was her screaming "Oh my Gaaawd" all the way around! It's fantastic in a chuck you out of your seat, leave your stomach behind kind of way, and my strange children both adore it (sit at the very back for maximum effect!)... 

Tivoli will reopen in a few days for Halloween, when it's covered with thousands of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, and then of course in December with it's Christmas Market, and its myriad of potent Gløgg and æbleskiver stalls... Sights all worth seeing, but to me, Tivoli will always be best late on a summer's evening, when it's quiet, and when you will see people that have been going their whole lives, relaxing and enjoying themselves...


  1. SnifF your post made me cry. Not sure why - nostalgia I suppose. It was the last sentence that got me. Howl. I went to Copenhagen a few years back but walked PAST Tivoli. Such an error....! X

  2. Sorry spudballoo, didn't mean to upset you... :( Don't start me off, trying not to think about being upset too much at the moment! I am going to be a nightmare on Thursday, sentimental old fool that I am! Emma :) xx

  3. don't be said that it has ended, be glad that you were part of the journey. Change is hard, stagnation is harder (on the soul). Tivoli sure looks like a cool place, and to think I rushed to your link because I thought it was about Software LOL

  4. Very true Kellogsville, thank you! It's definitely time to move on though... Software!? That made me laugh, it might have been a guest post by my husband perhaps! :) Emma

  5. I still haven`t managed to make it to Tivoli, and it has been on the top of my list since I got here a year ago! And this post has made me desire even stronger. While I clearly have missed out on a late summer evening at Tivoli for this year, the Halloween or Christmas events sound pretty cool. Hopefully I will get to check them out!

  6. Both Halloween and Christmas are nice, busy but nice... We did go on the last night before it closes for the year though on 30th December one year. As soon as the firework display finished, everyone left so we had the place virtually to ourselves. That could have been because if was around -7 as well though!! :)

  7. Aw it looks magical! Every time I visit, bit like spudballo I get nostalgic, reminded of family holidays to Scandinavia. Such a wonderful place Denmark, no wonder you're sad to leave.

  8. Thanks Alexander Residence :) Will be sad to say goodbye to everyone, but it's also time to move on... I am sick of the packing already and it's not really even started yet! xx


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