Thursday 6 October 2011

Postmand Per

Or Postman Pat as he is better known in the UK would LOVE the Post & Tele Museum in Copenhagen.  As one of the last few remaining child-friendly museum's we had on our list to visit before we depart, we popped over to check it out.

The Sorting Office (with one post-person on strike!...)
There's the most fabulous children's section spread out over the third floor, with a couple of rooms based on Danish stamp illustrations, complete with big slides and trees to climb (!), and another with lots of post to deliver! My miniature post people spent a good hour sorting the mail, stamping it, and then delivering it to an assortment of  lilliputian houses...very cute, especially with their long flailing uniform jacket arms, and oversized postman hats.

We had a quick refill in the beautiful restaurant/cafe overlooking the roof-tops of the city. It also overlooks the Roundtower, so we had a laugh at Small Boy's expense as we reminisced over the fateful afternoon we spent there!

Back inside we learned about braille and how to punch out our names using the Braille alphabet. Both children were fascinated with this and learned alot about how visually impaired people use computers and telephones etc.

Then it was onto the main floor of the museum, which is full of really interesting stuff (although I will admit to being dubious about this before we went inside!). There are lots of machines to fiddle about with, some of which neither Small Boy or his Big Sister had ever seen before, including this beautiful Telegram Machine. Unfortunately Bulgus insisted on making a guest appearance in this photograph, please ignore him. I try to.

The most fun was had on a beautiful old wooden operating switchboard with all the wires and buttons etc. still intact. Small boy was the designated "operator" and was put in charge of putting calls through to his sister who was "on hold" on a telephone quite far across the other side of the room. All was going swimmingly, until she started asking him to put her through to double-digit numbers such as 25 and 37, which at the age of 4 he is still just getting the hang of!  After much dawdling and hesistation on behalf of "the operator", the rather irate "caller" lost her temper and shouted across the room "Could you please just put me through to someone who knows what they are doing??"... Which is still making me laugh at least 24 hours after the event.

 A great museum, with good exhibitions and great facilities, and best of all - it's free!


  1. Brilliant! Love the irritated caller part. Am inspired to go this weekend with my boys. It was the promise of peace for an hour whilst they wrote/sorted/posted letters that sealed the deal!

  2. Brilliant! Fingers crossed for you for the peace and quiet part! Hope you enjoy it! I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised! Emma :)

  3. So much in this post made me smile - the post office worker on strike and the little hand getting into the photo.

    Rory would have loved such a museum as a child. I think it was in the National Railway Museum in York many moons ago where they had pretend parcels/letters he had to post in special boxes - I had to push Rory out of the way so I could have a go!

  4. @Trish - Laughing about you pushing poor Rory out of the way! Glad you liked the post! I had hoped that "Bulgus" had left home but it seems not!! :)

  5. Hi Emma,
    Great post about the museum. I'm going to pass it on to friends who pass through Copenhagen at least twice a year. This would be good for their children when they're there.

  6. Thanks Alexandra, it's definitely worth a visit! Emma :) xx


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