Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Ever late to the party, we visited Torvehallerne, Copenhagen's brand new food market for the first time only recently.  It has been open for a few weeks now, but it did mean that by the time we got around to visiting  the initial hoards had died down, so it was quiet enough to explore properly.   It's split into two halls that sit side by side, one with more fresh produce than the other, but both equally interesting.


English expats take note, Fiskerikajen from Rungsted have an excellent fish stall here, and they also serve their amazing fish and chips!!  Perhaps someone could convince them that they would be even more amazing (and authentic) if they served them with malt vinegar and a side of mushy peas (oh and perhaps a slice of heavily buttered white bread on the side for that obligatory chip butty!)...

I had to take this picture of the shark for the four year old.  He was distinctly unimpressed that it had an orange in it's mouth, sharks do not eat fruit after all as he quite correctly pointed out.   We didn't buy the shark, but we did buy a few krebs to cook in beer like we did last year... Delicious! 

As we discovered, Torvehallerne has a few really excellent stalls selling fresh (and often local produce) like this gorgeous coloured chard from Bornholm, or the succulent figs and artichokes above.  There are stalls selling produce from further afield too, including the French stall piled high with jars of confit and mustard, and even Poulet de Bresse.  There's a wonderful spice stall, and a stall selling Asian goods with row upon row of my favourite Sriracha sauce (which I didn't know came in so many varieties)!   There's also a Sushi bar, and a Spanish bar selling pinchos and plates of freshly carved ham to go with glasses of ice cold beer, plus the usual myriad of coffee bars and cup cake stalls to investigate!

It is so typical that having struggled to find ingredients on so many occasions here,  they decide to open something like this just a  few weeks before we go - I am taking this personally Copenhagen!

Torvehallerne may be small in comparison to food markets in other cities, but it's a great addition to Copenhagen and is something that it really really lacked before

 Sriracha, how I love you...
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  1. Sounds fabulous...all that gorgeous food...AND buttery bread for chip butty too! Totally yum:-)

    xx Jazzy

  2. i'm glad that you started off with those gorgeous little cakes and not the scary looking vegetarian shark (who wouldn't be the only veggie loving shark in the world - if you have watched Shark Tale that is!)... Torvehallerne looks like a foody haven well worth a visit x

  3. Torvehallerne kind of markets make me want to rent a holiday apartment somewhere - where the food and the language is foreign, and you buy unfamiliar vegetables and fish just by instinct, and then russle up something wonderfully local. love the post! xx

  4. That looks fabulous but I'm a little disappointed. Sharks don't eat oranges? Not even after Chinese sailors?

  5. @jazzygal - thank you! :)

    @hopefulmummy - thank you! Yes, I had to sample one or two of those (the ones at the front are lemon meringue!)... Hadn't thought of Shark's Tale. Will let the four year old know!)...

    @Pia - thanks Pia, it's such a good addition to the city! :)

    @I'm So Fancy - thank you! Hadn't thought of that!! :)

  6. How fun! Looks like a delicious place.

  7. Thank you! It is, and worth the expanding waistline and empty purse! Emma :)

  8. Those cakes look delicious, think i would be spending my time there... Good photo of the shark can see why the 4yo would want a photo...

  9. Thanks Frankie. Yes, I expect to be even fatter than ever thanks to this place! :)

  10. I am even later to this party, but a visit is definitely on my list. Even more so after this wonderful post.

  11. Thank you Lijn.... Hope you have a great trip there! Emma :)

  12. Food halls are even better than foreign supermarkets. Hope you ate lots.

  13. Thanks Midlife Singlemum, oh don't worry I did ;)

  14. I'm reading this while I'm hungry - and now I'm starving and mouth is watering. You can keep Jaws but I wouldn't mind a cake.


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