Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sampling Smørrebrød...

I had a lunch date yesterday with my Significant Other at Restaurant Schønnemann, which specialises in traditional Danish Smørrebrød.  This was something we had wanted to experience in a "proper" restaurant before we left, and my personal Copenhagen Restaurant guide (my friend Laura) had recommended this place as the one to go to over other perhaps slightly more famous smørrebrød restaurants in town.  I am so glad she did, this place is great and both the atmosphere and the food are really good.  It opened in 1887 and you kind of feel that some of the original customers are still visiting, with big groups of old friends meeting to discuss politics over a plate of stjerneskud and a huge øl, all washed down with aquavit of course!   Some looked quite amused at me taking pictures,  but I pretended to be a "new to Denmark" tourist which usually works.

Trying to decide from such an extensive smørrebrød menu was slightly difficult, but we started with herring as it's the done thing apparently.  Our curried herrings were served with capers and half a boiled egg.  This came with gorgeous bread with the traditional spread of pork fat mixed with rosemary and salt to accompany it (which is actually quite good in this particular restaurant, even if it sounds revolting.  Eat too much of it and your arterys might not thank you though!)...


Next up I opted for "Simon's Favourite", which consisted of bread fried in butter (which might have swung it for me), topped with smoked salmon and creamed spinach and with a poached egg balanced on top.  It was amazing...  I am not sure who Simon is/was, but he has/had excellent taste.   My other half had "Thomas's Spare Rib" (poor Thomas) which was roasted pork spare rib served with beetroot and mustard, and more of that lovely bread...

I will be happy now if I don't visit another Smorrebrød restaurant in our time left here, I am not sure it would be as good as this place!

Skål indeed!


  1. Hi Cuz! Not a good post to be reading when you're hungry and should really be in the kitchen making dinner! Looks delish, and I wish I could order it in! Have a safe trip south, by the way! xx

  2. Is smorrebrod the same as smorgesbord? Or what does it mean? Maybe Simon was one of the apostles - often the case in fish dishes (was Simon a fisherman like Peter?) Lots of bread and fat like you'd expect in a cold country but also lots of healthier fish from the sea - an interesting and unique combination of culinary tradition. Thank you, I love reading about foreign food.

  3. Hmmm, looks good but i think i would pass on the starter thou...

  4. So happy that you were able to visit Schønemann before your departure. Your choices look mouthwatering! Laura xx

    PS the verification word is "grope". LOL!

  5. Mmm, I certainly miss smorrebrod! My faves were anything with curried herring and the one I'd (badly) translate as Vet's midnight food - rye bread topped with liver pate and that funny jelly stuff. Hmmm, doesn't sound so tempting when described like that, but it was delicious.

  6. Wow! It sounds really yummy. I had heard of Smorrebrod but didnt know what it actually was

  7. Sorry for the delay in replying to you all, I have been to Munich... more on that later!

    @Florence - thank you Florence, sorry to make you hungry! xxx

    @Midlife Single Mum - I think the difference is that Smorgasbord is more of a buffet type meal, and Smørrebrød is an open sandwich usually... :)

    @ Frankie - I can't normally stand the herrings but they are so good here....

    @Laura - can you both move to Munich now
    please? :)

    @Kellogsville - thank you :)

    @English Mamma - Vet's Midnight Snack is really good here too apparently. I love the jelly you are talking about, it's called Sky or something right?? My Dad takes home pots of it!

    @MummyDichotomy - thank you :)

    @Windmill Tales... thank you! now you know! Emma :)


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