Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Some photographs of beautiful Ribe, the oldest town in Denmark. Originating in the 8th century, its centre is a rabbit warren of beautiful medieval streets that are surprisingly narrow in parts (look out for the "bumper stones" on the corner of each street that were once used to protect the buildings from cart damage) and are filled with half-timbered houses and ornate doorways. I could have quite happily spent the whole day wandering around. How some of the
buildings remain upright at the angles they stand at is beyond me!

The historic 16th Century Inn Weis Stue is worth a visit for a good (if not a little too gargantuan) dinner in historic surroundings. My seventies style prawn cocktail was of such ridiculous proportions, every forkful led to a Jenga style collapse all over the place, which lead to questioning looks from surrounding diners as to whether I was perhaps inebriated (I wasn't - how very dare they!?)!

Also famous for it's storks that once heralded the return of spring (sadly a much rarer sight nowadays), it's easy to imagine them nesting on the top of Ribe's ancient buildings as the town is so well preserved.

If anyone can shed any light on what the purpose of these (frequently seen in DK) window adornments (as seen on the building on left hand side of the picture above - as always, double click on the pic. to enlarge!), I would be most grateful if you could fill me in, it's been bugging me for ages!

(AIP = Angles Ignored Profusely?)


  1. What a lovely little town, you will need to soak up as much of this oldie worldie charm before you head to the US of A... nothing really old there.... but alot of sunshine...

  2. Thanks Frankie... I am currently overdosing on oldie worldie stuff, just in case! emma xx

  3. Gee whiz, I hope they don't ever need a new front door! Custom made will be the only way. It looks like a lovely place.

  4. Ribe looks lovely. I lived seven years in CPH and I am ashamed to say that I never went to Ribe. It seems that I really missed out.
    I think I can answer your question though (I hope I'm looking at the right photo!). You mean the little black bits sticking out fron the window? They're mirrors so when the doorbell goes you can see who is on the doorstep before you decide to open it or not. And if that's not what you were asking about and already knew that, then I'm running off in embarrassment!

  5. @Kellogsville - and in DK it would probably cost more than the house to make!!! :)

    English Mamma - problem solved - thanks so much! How useful as well, I could do with one of those! :)

  6. Wow Ribe looks lovely, and I love the idea of the mirrors, perhaps the UK should adopt these as well.

  7. Thanks for the comment Rambling Pages, it is worth a visit if you are in DK for any reason! I think they are a great idea too! Emma :)

  8. :)) Angles Ignored Profusely - yes, that must be it!
    This post reminds me that I need to take a holiday, NOW! I need to stroll down cobbled streets with crooked houses, sit in a cafe with a coffee and a book. But then, your post kind of made me feel like I did, Emma :)

  9. Wonderful, I wish I could visit! I am so jealous of your travels in Denmark - must hop over and see these places someday myself :)

  10. Thanks Pia, that's lovely! Glad the post made you feel that you had a virtual break at least! Emma :)

    @Rachel - you must if you get the chance, and see Sweden and Norway as well, a real Scandinavian Sojourn perhaps?!... :)

  11. Beautiful pictures, such a lovely quaint little place. Denmark and the surrounding countries are definitely on my list of places to visit

  12. wow, this is so picturesque...lovely photos

    and btw, i think that the window thing is a cup holder, either for passers by to place their tea-do they drink this there? or for filling up with nuts for squirrels and birds....

    it's so pretty where u live.

    see u soon xxxxxx

  13. Ribe looks amazing and old, which of course it is. The photos are wonderful. Thank you for sharing. x

  14. @Windmill Tales, thank you! Perhaps a trip to Legoland is in order for you at some point?!? Emma :)

    @Manic Mum - thank you! A cup of tea holder sounds like a great idea (yes they do drink it here, but mostly not with milk!!)...

    @Alexandra - thanks so much :)


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