Friday, 15 July 2011

A Good Start To The Day....

Very first thing Tuesday morning, I was treated to the most spectacular aerial view of London on the first flight of the morning back to Copenhagen. It was a beautiful clear morning, and as London sprawled out beneath us, I was able to follow Old Father Thames winding his way through the city I love best.

I could have kicked myself for not having my camera to hand, but I was pleased with this picture of my 90 year old Grandfather, together with his newest Great-Grandaughter Isla. At less than 40 hours old at the time this picture was taken, they were the oldest and youngest people in the room! My Grandparents were actually the reason I had gone home for the weekend, in order to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary with a big family party. Sixty five years is quite an achievement I think you will agree! Around a hundred of us shared a great afternoon, some of us meeting for the first time, most of us reminiscing, and all of us amused by the drunken antics of the vicar's husband (who had let us say, slightly over-indulged in the wine department!)!

I also managed to catch up with some good friends, and spent some quality time with lots of my family, which made the trip all the more worthwhile. For a few days it was really nice to relax and forget about the stresses of the forthcoming move.

So with everything going swimmingly, what with the successful trip and the easiest flight in the world, the pessimist in me half expected something to go wrong. It was right...

I arrived home exhausted after my early start, so my other half very kindly offered to take the children to an appointment with him so I could have a rest. Less than two minutes later, they were back. A screaming small boy stood panicking that one of his imaginary friend's, Bulgus or Dinty, had shoved a piece of gravel up his nose, and it wouldn't come out. There was nothing for it, A&E beckoned. All the staff seemed to think his predicament highly amusing, but as he couldn't see anything, and just in case the stone was stuck much further up, the Doctor was worried enough to immediately send us to an ENT Doctor at a hospital much further north. After a 45 minute drive, we were met by a Nurse who asked us to take a seat in a waiting room with walls covered in objects recovered from peoples various orifice's, including marbles, pins, toothbrushes minus heads, shells, beads and of course stones! The doctor was a lovely chap who persuaded the Small Boy to let him investigate with an endoscope. All was going well, and I sat trying not to laugh at yet another situation caused by the our resident "friends". Then the Doctor mentioned he may well need to further investigate by putting Small Boy under a full anaesthetic. They certainly don't mess around here, and suddenly it didn't seem quite so amusing anymore! Luckily, it was decided that instead of that (rather drastic) measure, we were to keep an eye on any runny nose that he may have over the next couple of weeks. If it appears that he has any infection, it's likely there is something still stuck up there and we are to go back. I will keep you updated, but in the meantime, I am hoping that when we leave, "Bulgus and Dinty" might decide that they can't bear to part with Denmark!...


  1. Such a lovely gentle start to a quite traumatic story!! Hope the Small Boy's nose runnings stay clear ; )

  2. I don't know what to comment on first!

    Big congratulations to your grandparents: 65 years is a amazing!

    Hope the gravel comes out soon (or maybe it never went up there in the first place?)

    Love the names of the imaginary friends! Yet another great reason for keeping a copy of this blog for years to come.

  3. That is a beautiful picture.

    My eldest stuck a bead up her nose the other week. We were getting ready to go to A&E, when she blew it out her nose with such force that she nearly hit my youngest in the eye like a bullet (thereby necessitating a trip to A&E for the other kid). Ah kids, will they ever stop lighting themselves on fire?

  4. Wow 65 years marry that is a great effort.. Congrats to them.. Your poor boy, hope there isn't anything stuck up there...

  5. Congratulations to your grandparents and I hope the nose turns out OK. What a naughyt friend, imaginary nr not!

  6. @Kitty - thank you! Fingers crossed, all looks "clear" so far!! Hope to catch up soon! :)

    @Trish - thanks so much, it was a special day! Yes, I did wonder whether it had fallen out, but he was adament something was up there!

    @Rachel, Thank you! That made me laugh very much indeed...So pleased that neither of your girls were injured!!

    @Frankie - isn't it just! Thank you, so far it looks like he may be OK!! :)

    "TheMadHouse - Thank you! Yes, tell me about it, "Blinking Bulgus" is my favourite term for "him"... :)

  7. 65 years is amazing. What a brilliant photo!

    Laughing about the gravel sorry :-). We have so far only had raisins up noses! :-) I'm glad he seems to be ok. xx

  8. You will be pleased to hear that Raisins did not appear on the wall of doom.... Thanks for the lovely comment! Emma :) xx

  9. isla is a beautiful name...what a gorgeous baby...i want the 5th!!! your grandpa looks not a day over 70! he looks so good for his age, such a speacial phot...

    as for shoving things up noses, my littlest and i spent 4 hrs in A and E on a saturday night a few weeks ago, after she had shoved a small berry up her nose...

    the things kids do!!

    tamsyn xxx

  10. Thanks Tamsyn, I am hoping I have his genes!! It seems to be quite a common occurence, this shoving things up the nose business, I am secretly pleased! Emma xxx

  11. 65 year - I cannot imagine. Fab photograph.
    I stuck a bead up my nose at primary school because my best friend had done the same! weird!!!

  12. Thanks Gemma, did you both have to go to A&E at the same time?? Emma xx

  13. Such a beautiful picture. I hope your little boy is OK! X

  14. I hope all is well. I am still trying to get the image of all the recovered objects on the hospital wall out of my head - fascinated and disgusted in equal measure!
    Gorgeous pic of your Grandad, he's very young looking for his age.

  15. @motherporridge - Thank you so much! He is fine at the moment, fingers crossed!! Emma :)

    @TheAlexanderResidence - Thank you, it was revolting, bue he seems to be fine! Glad you like the picture too! Emma :)

  16. Gordon Bennet you know how to pack a punch don't you? I love your grandfather's photo, and that beautiful baby is gorgeous and then your son's fiasco. My goodness I'm praying that both Bulgus and Dinty stay in Denmark

  17. Thanks Mari... Gosh me too, I am willing to introduce them to another family and everything!! :) xx


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