Monday, 4 July 2011

Norwegian Would

I haven't stopped singing Norwegian Wood all week, one of the few Beatles songs I actually like. I get earworms like this wherever we visit in the world, in Key West it was the awful Phil Collins version of Acapulco (because of Key Largo in it), Berlin was Lou Reed, New York was obviously Frank Sinatra, and South Africa was that song by Toto, you get the picture (you will laugh when you hear where we are moving too. I haven't stopped singing that for ages!)! Anyway, as earworms go, Norwegian Wood's not that bad I suppose, and Norway as a country was definitely not that bad, it's an exceptionally beautiful place. Yes, it's expensive (extortionately so at times), but the people are friendly and are all armed with ready smiles, plus their English is perfect and they don't expect you to speak Norwegian (both things I am not perhaps that used to in this part of Scandinavia!)! The outdoor life is unbelievable, and at the risk of repeating myself, some of the countryside is absolutely breathtaking.

We stayed near the little fishing town of Risør, famous for its white wooden buildings, where we had a fantastic week exploring beautiful little towns such as the gorgeous Tvedestrand and the strangely named Grimstad. The time was spent swimming in the fjords, exploring the forests, sailing, fishing, crabbing and generally lazing about. All of us loved it there, and for someone who spent most of the week outside, and who for the first time in years had time to indulge in a spot of fly-fishing, my other half was seduced enough to even say we should consider living there one day... All I can say is I definitely (Norwegian) would! I will leave you with a few pics of our week. My only complaint was that the Elk (elg!) were hiding!


  1. Norwegian cities and places sure have weird names. Once I saw a bus that was going to "Voksenskog" which literally translated to "Adult forest". Wonder what they're doing over there LOL

  2. I dread to think!! Emma :)

  3. Oh wait, I want to go to the Adult Forest!!!!

  4. It's probably where they all go to drink contraband booze... I still can't believe that my husband paid £17 for 6 small tins of lager!!

  5. I remember a family holiday to Norway when I was about 12 I think. We stayed in Ulvik. Would love to go back - the fjords are just beautiful. It was pricey then too.

  6. We have the salaries to match the prices :-)

    Living here is not actually as expensive as you might think.

    Next time come to the west. Even more stunning scenery.

    But so glad you were left with a good impression.

  7. Trish, you should definitely return! I would love to go back in the winter next time! Emma :)

    Miss Buckle, that is a very good point! Will definitely try the West next time, we can't wait to return!! Emma :)

  8. I love reading about good holidays as it inspires me to have more - all that's missing is a bottomless purse.
    Love your photos, can't stand the Beatles as I have just listened to them far too many times and dying to know where you're moving to...

  9. Thanks Mari, go if you get the chance! Post under construction about the big move!! Emma :)


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