Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Water Baby...

When I was expecting S, he would particularly kick should I be in the bath or swimming, or even just at the sound of taps running, so I had somewhat hoped this would mean he would love water just like his big sister. Initially however, he turned out to be quite the opposite. Bathtime was OK (especially in his beloved tummy tub as a tiny baby), but swimming? Forget it! He would scream before we even attempted to get into a pool, but the bigger he got, the protesting diminished slightly, so when the opportunity arose for swimming lessons through his school, I grabbed it! We were invited along to watch their progress on the last session after 19 lessons, and it was fantastic to see that the lovely Danish teacher had improved his confidence to such an extent, he didn't even notice when his float-belt fell off! It was so great to see him having the best time in a pool environment. If you are in the area, I would highly recommend the Kildeskovshallen Ladies, if you are looking for kind and patient swimming teachers! Being able to swim is such a valuable skill.


  1. i think that my family were fish in former lives...
    niamh loves the water and can swim like a little fish...
    we love the time that we share in the pool, when we are both relaxed and soothed by the water.
    swimming - i think (but then i am a former fish!) is one of the greatest things that we can teach our children.
    enjoy the water fun as he grows in confidence - olympics 2028 here we come!

  2. Thanks Sheonad, it's so nice to see him enjoying something he previously hated! Emma :)

  3. Well done you for persisting with it. My girls take some convincing with the water too. Must be because their mama is such a desert gal :)

  4. Ah we're working on swimming now. It ranges between screeches of delight and screams of horror. I think they were cats in a former life...

  5. Such an important thing to learn and such a trauma for so many children. Understating teachers make all the difference.

  6. @Manana Mama - thank you! Glad to hear it's not just him then! :)

    @I'm So Fancy - that made me laugh! Hope you are having fun with it! :)

    @Kelloggsville - it is an important thing to learn isn't it. Just a shame they don't get those sew on badges here, I used to love getting those! :)


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