Sunday, 19 June 2011

Things I will Miss...

Sunday mornings at the Loppemarked, definitely! This is part of this morning's haul, an old Villeroy & Boch jug which I filled with tatty roses from the garden.

As the title might suggest, the mists in the crystal ball we were looking for a little while back are getting clearer, and we should have the news we have been waiting for confirmed in the next couple of weeks or so. Part of me will be sad about what it means, but a part of me will also be glad to get the ball rolling! A change is as good as a rest and all that...


  1. I really love this, it's beautiful and works wonderfully with 'tatty' roses. Exciting times, do let me know.

  2. Thank you lovely, I will indeed! :)

  3. i love this wee picture...
    and patience while the mists in the crystal ball clear... it will all become clear what the future holds...
    i stopped by to thank you for all your comments... they really mean so much to me!

  4. @Sheonad, thank you, and thanks for stopping by! You are very welcome, and I think you deserve lots of comments for such a lovely blog! Emma :)

    @Jennie I know :( but we should be here for the next 3 months or so at the very least :)

  5. Hi there, what a beautiful blog you have got!
    Sounds like there are exciting times coming. Looking forward to read more. Deborah x

  6. Very kind of you to say so Deborah! Exciting quite possibly! Thanks for following too! Emma :)

  7. That is a beautiful jug, love it with the roses. Quite like Villeroy & Boch... Good luck for the next few weeks. Hope you get the news you want...

  8. How clever are you, spotting a gem like this! Love the shape of it - perfect for your roses. I will keep reading to find out what's about to happen!!

  9. A gorgeous find and well matched with the roses.

    Mich x

  10. Lovely, simple and elegant!

    Do you have any idea where you might end up?

  11. @Thank you Trish! I appear to be nurturing the start of a blue and white old jug collection! I bet I have now tempted fate with this post, and we will be stuck here for ages! Let's see! Emma :)

    @Michelle Twin Mum - Thank you, glad you like it!:)

    @Mummymummymum... Thank you! Yes, it's one of two places currently... I think I might know which one it is, but my lips are sealed until it's all been signed and sorted! :)


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