Monday 11 April 2011

A Walk in the Park...

Some pictures of beautiful Dyrehavn from this morning... So gracious of the nice weather to put in an appearance after the galeforce winds of last week (which were so strong at one point, outgoing flights from Copenhagen were cancelled)...I am amazed that the little red guy on my last picture was able to cling onto the tree without being airborne, but perhaps it explains why the picture looks a little fuzzier than it actually should? Or perhaps it's because it's about time I learned how to take pictures and use my camera properly? As with everything, there's no time like the present, so I began with a morning's photography walk with the lovely and very talented Heather from H2o Photography, starting at Bellevue Beach. The lifeguard station there is quite iconic as it was designed by Arne Jacobsen (of egg chair fame no less), so it was nice to finally find it and take its portrait (no naked swimmers this morning unfortunately, not cold enough I expect!)!... After half an hour on the beach discovering settings on my camera I didn't even know existed, it was time to go into the deer park itself. It stretches over 11 Kilometres so we only had time to explore a tiny corner, but it was really nice to just snap away, taking photos of nothing in particular... and the best thing of all I caught all day - the sun, it's nice to have you back, we have all missed you!...


  1. Great pictures Emma. I was on this photowalk!!! I was the one with the red buggy. How funny that we were both there. I didn't make the connection. Looking forward to hopefully seeing you on the next walk. Kx

  2. Kitty that's hilarious! Yes, we were all too busy concentrating on taking pictures to talk much! Have you uploaded your pics to Flikr yet? Yes, definitely see you on the next one!
    Emma :)

  3. Looks like a beautiful part of the world. I have been to Copenhagen and shot a snap of the mermaid, must dig it out sometime!
    Great photos, you'll be pro in no time :D

  4. Thanks Mari! It is beautiful, bet you were surprised at how little the Mermaid actually is though? Not sure about the pro part, but one can dream..! :)

  5. One of my favourite places. Great pictures!

  6. Thanks Lijn, it's beautiful there isn't it! Emma


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