Thursday, 7 April 2011

Learning to Help...

These pictures were drawn by R&S a few days ago and sent along with a little note and a new pair of socks to people displaced by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It was nice to find them something they could also get involved with to help after listening to them playing the other day. A particularly complicated scene had been set up with good old Playmobil (they spend hours creating ornate microcosms that are spread out all over the place, and can last for days), when R tripped over the corner of the table and sent it all flying. Thinking on her feet (to prevent another kind of scene with her little brother) she explained that everything had been knocked over because of the giant "salami"... She may not have been able to pronounce it, but was obviously aware of what was happening, and said they had been discussing it at school and talking about what they could do to help. Through this lovely blog I found out about this, so R&S set to work drawing and composing notes, which we asked a friend to translate for us. They decided that they would like to send the socks to a man as they felt that men might not be getting as many parcels as women and children for some reason! R chose to draw some ballet dancers to help take the person's mind off things, while S just wanted to draw something to do with pirates, so chose to draw a parrot for them. If you are looking to do something alongside sending money, please take a moment to have a look at the website and read about the work they are doing. Some of the people they are reaching have lost everything, but have said it helps to know that someone else is thinking of them.


  1. What a great thing to do, children are never too young to teach them about helping others.


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