Thursday, 14 April 2011

Gallery Gallavanting

A rainy inset day spent at the National Gallery of Denmark (or Statens Museum for Kunst as it's better known in these parts), with my miniature art critic. She had wanted to visit the children's workshop similar to the fantastic one in Louisiana, but it's only open to school groups during the week unfortunately, so we watched a quirky art video called "Wild Horses" instead. She pronounced this "far more interesting than Black Beauty" (and it was also much shorter thankfully)! R decided she wasn't in much of a drawing mood on this particular occasion, which I couldn't help be secretly disappointed by as I was hoping for a similar masterpiece to her Little Dancer Portrait that she did at the Glyptotek...

It is worth a visit though, if not only for the building itself - the Danes do big architectural spaces well, and some of the exhibition rooms are beautiful (plus it's free to get in!)! Do check beforehand though if there's something you particularly want to see, a big section was closed for rehanging this visit, and the advertised Children's collection was nowhere to be seen...


  1. great photo - enjoy the UK, how wonderful to have so much art

  2. what a great space, so much better than some of the galleries where you have to fight for a good view point..


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