Thursday, 21 April 2011

A Brief Interlude

...From the heart of the beautiful UK countryside! The bluebells arrived around a week before we did, and they are at their peak at the moment. I took this last night at sunset when the colours were just incredible!

My internet access is highly sporadic here, but I will return shortly with tales of mistaken identities, escalator rescues and gargoyle inspections.

Back soon!


  1. Great photo, glad the weather has been good for you..

  2. Thanks Frankie, it's been amazing! Have a great Easter weekend! :)

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, my favourite time in England, April. Hope you have a wonderful visit with your friends and relies, and get to stock up on marmite and other staples :)

  4. Thank you MM! Got back earlier, had a fabulous time! Suitcase was 5kg overweight on the way home (I am blaming it on the easter eggs!)! Hope you had a very lovely Easter too! Emma :)


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