Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Summer Starts Here...

School has finished for the summer, the mass exodus from Denmark begins shortly. Last week was a hectic one with plenty to finish before the end of term, and certain deadlines to be met for other things. I managed to fit in book club, which was by no means a hardship - it was my book choice, The Help by Kathryn Stockett (I loved this book, read it if you haven't already)which went well. That evening didn't go that well for others, namely Denmark who were playing in the World Cup. It made for great people watching once I got to Kongens Nytorv, the mass of red and white fans was great to watch as they made their way to watch the match on various screens around the city. Once they had lost, I decided to leave my evening earlier than usual, before having to contend with the disappointed (and probably very drunk) masses on the trains. I had a very surreal journey home. The 16 year olds that finish their exams here all wear Graduation hats , that look a bit like Captains hats but with the name of their school and sometimes their name on the back. They wear them everywhere and everyone congratulates them on finishing school for what seems like weeks. I couldn't help but think, could you imagine the 16 year olds in the UK wearing similar hats with pride nowadays? Then I witnessed a younger teenage boy (around 14) complimenting a beautiful, hat-wearing girl on finishing school. Instead of the reaction that might come from an English girl (who would not deign to speak to a younger boy in the first place I should imagine), she thanked him very much and beamed at him gratefully for his best wishes. Wise move young man I thought, bet he looks forward to graduation day every year! Then, from nowhere an elderly lady got on the bus, listening to saw grass awful country music SO loudly I wondered if I was hallucinating. There was just something wrong with the picture, lovely sweet lady aged around 85, listening to cotton-eyed Joe gone wrong at full volume, it was just all too bizarre. Then, when I thought I had seen it all, the man sat behind me tapped her on the knee (definitely would have had a handbag round the head for that one at home) and asked her if she would turn it down. "yes of course, sorry about that" was the polite response. The cultural differences between countries may sometimes be small but they can say very loud things! It amused me all the way home (yes, I am easily amused)! This may or may not have happened depending on whether my friends slipped something in my wine at book club earlier on in the evening...

So now to our guests arriving for the next 11 days. We are looking forward to showing them around and exploring new places with them. I will update this when I get the chance.

Emma xx

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