Saturday, 5 June 2010

New Arrivals...

1. My sister, her partner and baby. They arrived on Tuesday night and we have had a great few days catching up, visiting places and fussing over the baby... The last time they were here it was late Autumn and she was pregnant, so far I think the baby is enjoying his first trip abroad. His cousins are loving having him here, as are we.

2. The Sun, it's finally here and we have had a great few days being out and about, making the most of the glorious weather, hence the reason I have been a bit quiet here.

3. Mosquito's, lots of them (see there is a downside to the warm weather which no doubt helped them to hatch out). Our beautiful woodland stroll yesterday turned into a frantic run, with what seemed like a cloud of them chasing us until we got to the safety of the Lake where they finally left us alone (they don't appear to like moving water). Running whilst having a laughing fit is quite difficult, and I am not known for my running ability anyway. I thought we were safe until I looked down at my daughter who had a sizeable beast hanging from the middle of her forehead, fat with blood. I haven't seen them that size before, not even in Asia. Will be stocking up on citronella candles as soon as, this weather could end soon and I am not having a few insects spoiling the beautiful evening sunshine... Speaking of which, the light evenings are taking some getting used to. It doesn't get really really dark until way past 11pm. Strangely enough I quite miss the dark evenings, if only for the reason that my children go to sleep at a normal time when it's pitch black outside.

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