Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Goodbye's and Miniscule or Minuscule?

Saying goodbye to my sister yesterday was incredibly hard. It's quite difficult sometimes when people leave, especially when you are missing out on a certain little person growing up so quickly, (he is adorable and I hope he saves some of his new things for next time we see him in a couple of months). Saying goodbye and missing people is all part and parcel of ex-pat life, but it reminds you just how much you miss the people closest to you. Incidentally Lucie, as a person known for her emotions, who even cries at adverts, I thought you did really well saying goodbye to the children!

On a separate note, over a year ago I discovered a lump in my boob. I don't think I will ever forget that split second of sheer panic and the sleepless nights that followed whilst I waited for the appointment to come through. The Consultant I saw in the UK was fantastic. Reassuring, calming and able to confirm that what I have is nothing to worry about (very luckily for me). I need to have a check up once a year though, so in my faltering (OK non-existent) Danish I approached a private hospital here to be given an appointment with a great Consultant who spent at least 45 minutes doing the most thorough ultrasound scans (I now know what arteries and lymph nodes look like). He was trying to find the English word for very small, he probably meant microscopic (he wasn't referring to my boobs by the way!), I suggested miniscule. Miniscule was apparently a word he had never heard of before and appeared to like the sound of it, repeating it several times and even asking me to spell it for him (then I was stuck, I couldn't remember whether it was miniscule or minuscule so told him it was the first). It amused me to think that i had taught someone that intelligent a new word, (albeit an English one and possibly the wrong spelling of it)and what amused me even more was that this morning I received his summary letter - miniscule appears twice!

The rain is back. I am making an appointment for the summer tyres to go back in the garage...

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  1. Hey I have a computor now so your blog is on my list of favourites! I was emotional once we had left - it was really hard however I was so caught up with Freddie I think he was a good distraction! (It may also have been a bit easier as Ruby didn't cry this time saying goodbye and knowing we will be seeing you soon) Glad everything is ok with you!! xxx


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