Sunday, 20 February 2011

A Suitable Celebration...

It is very important turning 6 you know, you need a proper "grown up" party to acknowledge the fact! Yesterday was party day, no boys allowed (apart from obligatory little brother and Daddy of course)! As my music tastes are a bit too eclectic for the average six year old (no Lady Gaga on our shelves), I was grateful to good old Spotify for saving the day. It worked quite well as each girl loved choosing a song to put on (which meant we had to listen to Aqua's "Barbie girl" more than once), and the dance routines that appeared alongside were quite spectacular (it proved quite tricky at times for those of us trying to keep a straight face!)...

The party held a couple of small challenges, but nothing defeated us... For example, at the suggestion of Musical Statues, I was met with several blank faces, but once I had explained the rules to them, we discovered that actually I hadn't meant Musical Statues, I had in fact meant "Stop Dance" (silly me!!)... Pin the Tail on the Donkey also went down well, even if they did look at me as if I was completely mad when I produced the blindfold! R enjoyed introducing a few English party traditions to her friends, and the party bags went down a treat at the end, not the done thing here it seems! Her little brother didn't seem to mind being the only male guest present, he had a great time (especially "mine-sweeping" the girls plates when they were busy dancing)!

A big thank you to my lovely husband for helping to provide the entertainment! He not only taught them "The Macarena", but "Oops up Side Your Head". I was able to sleep soundly last night safe in the knowledge that if we ever happen upon hard times we will be OK, as he should be able to gain immediate employment as a cruise ship entertainer!

Today has been mostly about taking it easy, a family lunch and an easy "tea" (try explaining that one!) of sandwiches and cakes left over from yesterday (untouched by small hands I hasten to add). Lesson in parenting #523 - don't ever bother making sandwiches for a children's party....


  1. Wow! Six! That's a milestone and no mistake. Sounds like you had a great party - well done Dad for joining in so well :D Mmmmm... brownies *drool*

  2. Leena had a fabo time! I have enjoyed hearing your details of the party and that Ruby and your family thought it was a success!

  3. How do you get Spotify to work in Denmark???

  4. Thanks Ladies!

    Jennie, I have messaged you... Emma

  5. What fun and how I loved reading about Ruby's birthday party - good compensation for not being there with you all! Hey and you have also gained lots of new followers - hopefully some I have recommended to 'follow' you and I told them they 'had' to join!! See you very soon. Mx

  6. I would have loved to be there to see them dancing, how did you keep a straight face?!! I can't wait till the wedding maybe Ruby can teach her Uncle how to dance!!! ;-)
    Lots of love xxx


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