Saturday, 5 February 2011

All Things Skeletal....

What better to do on a wet and windy afternoon in Copenhagen? Visit the Zoological Museum of course...Especially if you have a little boy who is obsessed with all things skeletal, slimy, dissected or stuffed (and a young girl who claims not to be interested in such "boys" things, but is secretly fascinated...). OK, it's not the biggest Museum in the world, but it's stuffed to the rafters with interesting and strangely arranged exhibits, (I do think they need to find a taxidermist with a bit more imagination in some instances though - see above!) but this place can more than happily fill up a couple of hours (you are also encouraged to touch and feel your way around a lot of the displays here, which the children loved!).


The whale skeletons are really impressive, especially the Bowhead with its baleen (or frond like "teeth" useful for corsets and collar stiffeners once upon a time I believe) intact, although R wanted to know why it had a curtain in its mouth. S is still making a recovery from his rather spectacular tummy bug, so I am sure we could have actually spent longer here, but doubtless we will return.

I will leave you with my favourite photograph of the day, I have called it "How Long Did You Say You've Been Waiting For The Bus?"

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  1. We did laugh at your wonderful photo of R with the skeletons! Mx


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