Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Pictures from a Morning's Walk Part II

As an English girl, you will forgive my slight obsession with the weather, and it's hard to believe as I look out of the window at the falling snow that it was a beautiful sunny morning this morning, but it was. I noticed that the sea was frozen at Nordhavn which gives an indication how cold it is again here. I had a morning to spare so ventured into town with some Christmas vouchers burning a hole in my pocket. First stop, one of my favourite shops Illums. If I were soon to be married and ever so slightly greedy, this would be the place where I would probably have an extensive Wedding List.... I love Anne Black ceramics so headed straight for her stand, but it turns out I wasn't in a decisive enough mood in the end to spend said vouchers, so I will just have to come back another time, nevermind!

After this I went straight around the corner to The Royal Cafe for half an hours people watching over a pretty decent latte. I loved the fact my coffee was served to me in the same pot I have a hyacinth planted in at home...!

Then I had time for a quick wander around a few more streets I hadn't yet investigated, and I stumbled upon this shop. Some friends have been telling me about this place for ages now, but I could never find it. It's so popular that they often run out at weekends, and there is a reason why. If you like cake, and good cakes at that, look no further....if you gave them a poke about a bit to make them look less perfect, you could even pass them off as your own if you needed to! Would anyone actually believe me now if I told them I don't actually like cake all that much?


  1. Those cakes look delicious and I love the floors and ceiling of the Royal Cafe. What a great day! x

  2. Thank you! This is the reason why I am so fat!! Emma xx


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