Monday, 8 February 2010

My first post...

Well, where to start... This is something I told myself I would do to record our experiences of our new lives in our temporary homeland... Four and a bit months in and I thought I had better make a start!

We arrived from the UK in September, to a gloriously warm and sunny Denmark with clean, beautiful air and stunning scenery... That warm sun seems like years ago now that we are in the depths of winter, with snow still falling as I speak! All of our boxes have been unpacked (almost!) and our new life here has well and truly begun! So far, I love it here though... the people are very similar to the English, we share the same sense of humour, the food's great, the beer is good, the pastries are amazing and the quality of life for our two children is incredible! It has taken a while for my daughter (almost 5) to get settled in, but (thank goodness!) she is happy at school now and has made a lot of friends. My son (2) loved it here straight away, unlike our concrete square in London, he has a huge garden to play in and he is out there in all weather... There is no such thing as bad weather according to the Danes, only bad clothing!

I am enjoying a reversal of commuting positions with my husband - I have the car, he get's the train, although I still think he has a good deal, the trains are at least a lot cleaner and more reliable than in London! I do miss home though, I miss my friends, my sisters who I am so close to, and of course my parents and my dear grandparents. I miss not being a native, not being able to speak the strange and unprounouncable language that is Danish, does have its drawbacks obviously, but this is an amazing, interesting opportunity, a chance for us as a family to broaden our horizons, explore a new land, new cultures, and other new countries...and see where this adventure ultimately leads...

I hope to keep this updated as often as I can with the new stuff we do and find out....

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