Thursday, 25 February 2010

Dangerous Conditions

I have just returned from book club. If you had told me a year ago that I would be living in a foreign country and attending a book club once a month, I would have found the very thought of it highly amusing. I will admit to having preconceived ideas about book club ladies bringing their knitting along and having a good chin-wag about the latest Mills & Boon they have just completed. However, I have found that I do love going to book club. I look forward to my monthly evenings of having to find my way around in the dark, not only in an unfamiliar environment but also having to navigate an alien transport system, only to be rewarded with good company, wine and new friends (and not a Mills & Boon in sight!)! The wine consumption may have helped me get up the big hill on the way home... The 9 weeks of snow we have endured may be finally coming to an end, as it's currently pouring with rain. The rain has mixed with the snow to make an awful sludge, which is treacherous. I imagined myself as one of the Olympic cross-country skiers doing the uphill skiing thing which helped, and I managed to negotiate it quite successfully. Incidentally the most hazardous part was definitely our driveway, which I will put down to stupid foreign people not clearing the snow properly (us).

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