Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Cakes and cakes....

The past few days have flown past, we have been busy with guests as my brother-in -law and his lovely partner arrived on Saturday to spend a few days with us.

Sunday was Fastelavn here in Denmark, which of course meant we had to partake in one particular aspect of this festivity, the amazing Fastelavn cakes pictured. They were sooo good, we cut them up and all tasted each one. That evening we marked Chinese New Year with lovely homemade spicy Chinese food (something I really miss in Scandinavia, they don't really do spicy), enjoyed sat in front of a roaring fire and washed down with plenty of cold beer! You can't really appreciate wine with food that spicy after all!

Monday was a very special and quite an emotional day for me. My little girl turned five. It snowed on Monday, as it has done for most of this week which made me even more nostalgic as it had snowed the day she was born. I remember being in my hospital bed, clutching this tiny perfect bundle and watching the snow fall lightly over a grey London. I was a bit shell-shocked as I couldn't believe she had actually arrived and that I wasn't just hugely fat after all, I had been pregnant and now I really was a mother. It was a wonderful and slightly overwhelming feeling. So here we are, and those five years have flown by. I am still overwhelmed by my beautiful, funny, creative, and very dramatic little girl. She lights up our lives every day and I am so grateful for her. For her special day she decided she would like to go The Bear Factory. She shares a birthday with her Aunty so we all went to Copenhagen together. The Bear Factory was hilarious and both children thoroughly enjoyed it. Whoever thought of that concept is both very clever and incredibly rich by now for sure! Bizarrely she also chose Sushi for her birthday lunch, which was more than fine with all of the adults and as the snow seemed to have put a lot of customers off, we had the whole place to ourselves. It was wonderful and my little girl looked and felt very grown up! Aunty N enjoyed it too, she had a glass of champagne with hers. Then it was back to watch the Olympics in front of the fire and a big slice of birthday cake. Time to get sorted before more guests arrive on Friday for the next weekend...

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