Monday, 3 January 2011

A New Year....

Well goodbye 2010! You were good to us, although you seemed to go far too quickly! Happy New Year everyone, and a big welcome to 2011! At the risk of sounding like John Lennon, let's hope it's a good one...

We saw the New Year in with family, eating far too much and generally relaxing and not doing too much! We did manage to get our skates on and try out our neighbours pond though, which the children loved! R was actually really good, but as my sister put it S just looked like Bambi trying to stand up for the first time, but that could have been because he was laughing too much to stand up...

I love this time of year and the optimism it brings with fresh starts etc. We have a busy year ahead, with two big family weddings and plenty of exploring to look forward to. We should also find out what the future holds for us in terms of our time here, whether we are off to pastures new, or whether we are staying put for a while longer...time will tell.

Apologies for the backlog of posts, my computer decided it didn't want to see in the New Year (or Christmas for that matter) and gave up on life completely. I am sure that being jumped on occasionally by my three year old didn't help in its quest to stay functioning, so this one will be placed well out of the way of all marauders (it's going to take some getting used to though as it has a Danish keyboard!).

Back to school next week, which will give me time for a big Spring Clean... can't wait for a good sort out! Oh and the diet starts tomorrow OK?

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