Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bernstorff & Blueberries...

The snow is back, it arrived yesterday morning! Although there's not much, there was enough of a dusting to slide the car sideways down the road earlier! I just knew we wouldn't be digging out normal clothes and shoes for a while yet!

Here are some pictures of Bernstorff Palace taken yesterday morning, I thought I would make the most of the winter scenery. The grounds of the palace are beautiful, and are usually frequented by plenty of dog walkers, so it's never a lonely place to walk...

The cold weather inspired a baking frenzy (the kitchen is the warmest room of the house after all!), so I made these to use some blueberries up. I fed my children bucket loads of blueberries when they were babies, but now I just can't get them to eat the raw form of these tiny spheres of goodness (but they will eat them cooked in pancakes and muffins etc). The other vital ingredient for muffins - buttermilk, is available everywhere here. It's called kærnemælk and can be found with the yoghurt in the dairy section. Does anyone make anything else with it? After being given a full bowl of it every morning on my French exchange, I am not sure I could stomach it uncooked now. I used to dread getting up to face this cold bowl of sourness...where were the freshly baked croissants and pain au chocolat I used to ask myself?? My sister wins hands down in the French exchange breakfast competition though. Eager to make her feel welcome, her host family asked what she usually had at home for breakfast, to which she replied cornflakes and tea. For the entire two weeks she had to start her day with a huge bowl of tea with cornflakes swimming in it (she claims she quite liked it in the end though!)!


  1. No I definately DIDN'T enjoy the bowl of tea with soggy cornflakes!!! I would gag with every mouthfull and smile at them all watching me! They were very suffocating, I wanted to escape so took a bike to cycle a mile to the phone box I had a lovely chat with you all turned around and the whole family were walking towards me, grandparents and all - they had come to see what I was doing!!!! v strange. Anyway enough about me, glad you have got some more beautiful photos. Another stunning place we can go when we visit. Love L xx

  2. Oh yes, I forgot to say..the reason I ate it for two weeks was I thought it was normal in France and didn't want to be rude!!!


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