Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Last Friday, as planned we went to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. As Thursday was a holiday here, most Danes had the Friday off too, and it soon became apparent that they were all at Louisiana...! I think it was the first real queue I have seen in our 8 months here, but then it is supposed to be the most visited art gallery in Denmark...! It's named after the three wives of the the first person to own the Property, any guesses as to what they were all called? It's situated in Humlebæk, a town 35km North of Copenhagen, which is a pleasant drive along a coast road, except that we got stuck behind the slowest driver in the world for most of the journey (coincidentally also Louisiana bound!). This made it seem like it was miles away, so we were definitely joining that long queue and not turning back home. Some of the exhibits here are incredibly famous, and I will investigate them properly next time, but the main purpose of this visit was to go to the Children's section. This covers three floors, the top floor was (on this occasion) dedicated to paper and wire sculptures, with a quiet reflection/reading room nearby. The middle floor is for drawing, with trays and of paper and pencils and chalks, plus a little room full of lego, and bottom floor is the painting and clay section.

The whole wing was surpringly quiet and peaceful (compared to the rest of the museum), and both children spent a couple of hours working on various creations! I thought it was really nice that staff are on hand to give advice to the budding artists(and clear up any spillages!). We left earlier than R had hoped (rather earlier than I had hoped too but S had obviously exerted himself creatively and was too hungry and tired to continue!), so I then had to navigate two small children back through the hoards, whilst at the same time balancing dripping paintings and two very wet clay models on top of my handbag... Luckily both clay pieces also survived intact on the journey home, and are currently drying out (still, it's almost been a week!). R's is entitled "Jug-Cup", whilst S's is rather descriptively called "Boat" . I think we will be coming here quite a bit, it stays open until 10pm most days, plus there are lots of different events taking place. Next time we visit though we will make sure we pick a quieter time to actually see some art though!...

On Sunday we drove West to Frederikksund, and then on to to Kulhuse, which is on a peninsuala right at the mouth of Roskilde Fjord. It was so peaceful and quiet it was almost unnerving as there are very few places nowadways when you can literally hear nothing else, plus the beach was deserted, time for another picnic in the cold! I think all that fresh air wore somebody out though... (this is waiting to pick his big sister up from school the following day!).


  1. Oh I so loved hreading about your trip to Louisianna Art Gallery, it made me laugh out loud. I will go to bed with a smile on my face now. Incidentally Grannie & Grampie said they visited that gallery when they were on holiday in Denmark. Mx

  2. Louisiana is on my list when/if we visit again. In fact there's such a lot still on my list, I think we should have booked a fortnight.

  3. You MUST visit it next time, it's incredible! The restaurant is on the cliff top and just has the most amazing view! A fortnight should do it, then you could pack in a trip to Skagen too! Emma :)


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