Monday, 24 May 2010

Dine with the Danes...

We had Parent's evening at R's school last week, where she had to sit and go through her work with me as well. I had been concerned that she would be too young to do this, but it actually worked really well and she was very proud of herself (as I was of her)... It was quite hard to keep a serious face at some of the things she has "written" in her news book though, they are very funny at that age! I have taken some photographic evidence of various pictures of family members that she has drawn, but unfortunately they don't reproduce very well on here...!

On Saturday we spent the day at home and caught up with lots of odd jobs before the onset of the Month of Guests. As my husband has the daunting job of cutting the biggest hedge in the world, I felt sorry for him and offered to cut the grass for the first time. After being given a demonstration of the monster with a mind of it's own, I found it strangely therapeutic in a "being dragged around the garden by a large machine" kind of way. It was a good job the children were in bed as had anyone wanted to speak to me I wouldn't have been able to hear them... I will do it again, but it did take me two hours.

Yesterday we had a lovely meal with Danish friends. As they have a tiny baby, it was supposed to be a simple meal but they surpassed themselves and it was great to try some lovely Danish dishes. It reminded us of our visit to Copenhagen last August before we moved here. Eager to find out more about our new destination and the food and culture here, I came across Dine with the Danes and signed us up straight away. I remember being really nervous on the way there, but we ended up having a great meal with a lovely family and their small dog (this is not the actual dog, but it is the correct breed and I liked the expression on his face!). As my husband is allergic to quite a few creatures great and small, they kindly shut the dog in the dining room whilst we had coffee after the meal. Soon it was time to go, and we bid our hosts goodbye and made our way to the train station. As it was a summers evening, my husband didn't need to put his jumper on until we got there (very luckily), as we soon discovered that thanks to their four legged friend, half of one arm was missing!! We were just grateful that he hadn't put it on whilst saying goodbye, or that would have been mortifying for all of us. We could hardly talk for laughing all the way home... I would definitely look out for a similar organisation for our next destination, it was really interesting, and it was a great way to learn about customs and traditions etc. We actually learned quite a bit about the country we would soon be living in, and not just that Danish dogs eat jumpers either!

Today was the last Bank Holiday of the year in Denmark before Christmas (for the Monday after Whitsun), that's a scary thought!

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  1. Brilliant!! Reminds me of the time Sue brought George round to see me at Christmas and he cocked his leg up at our christmas tree and urinated all over our Nativity scene! Yes, he wee'd on the baby Jesus! My Mum has never quite got over it x


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