Thursday, 11 November 2010

St.Mortens Aften

A homage to the traditional meal that is held here on the 10th of November every year, in honour of St Martin or St Morten as he is known in these parts. According to the story, he didn't wish to be ordained Bishop so hid in a goose shed, but their loud cackling gave him away. He then had to become Bishop and decided that that would be a good a day as any to slaughter the geese of the land in return for their betrayal, and it became an important medieval feast day. How he is the Patron Saint of animals with that track record I don't know! Most people nowadays cook a duck as they are smaller and cheaper (and easier to cook in my experience)! We had ours a day late in honour of my sister, fiancé and baby arriving for a visit. The duck was delicious stuffed with apples and prunes, but the Rødkål (red cabbage) is something I will never be a great fan of! No candied potatoes for us either, just the boiled variety served with brun sovs (gravy)! The duck fat will make great roast potatoes on another day though! Apparently if St Morten's Aften is mild (which it was), we will have a white Christmas - we shall see!

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