Monday, 16 August 2010

Betty Stick

First proper day at school for both of my children today. Yesterday was an introductory day and both enjoyed themselves. I enjoyed my trip to IKEA for lunch ON MY OWN. I am sure the novelty will soon wear off, but having a couple of hours to myself was quite nice.

When we first arrived (almost a year ago!), the nervous early morning drives to school were brightened somewhat by Betty Stick. Betty Stick is the name given to an elderly lady, who every morning usually without fail (come rain or shine or deep snow), walks through the woods that form part of our daily drive. She is called Betty because that's what my children think she is called, and Stick because she walks with two Nordic poles. If we don't see Betty Stick we have a miserable journey as the children worry about where she is, and if she's OK, and why isn't she there for them to wave to in the morning. Betty doesn't wave back, she doesn't see them, and she is too busy walking. Before we leave at some point, I am determined to write Betty a little note (in Danish) from the children, to let her know how much they have enjoyed seeing her each morning. This morning she had a dog, it caused great excitement. We haven't got a name for him yet.

We had a great week in London last week where we celebrated my sister's birthday and my birthday. It was so lovely to catch up with family and a few friends and do a lot of shopping for things we can't get here. While we were there, it was the annual Perseids Meteor shower. In my mother's village light pollution is not really a problem, and the conditions for viewing were ideal. We saw the first meteor (a huge yellow one) just as we left the pub, so we then ventured up to the top of the paddock to see a few more but the trees blocked our view (and it was too dark for my liking, plus the neighbours dogs started barking), so we crept back to the front of the house where we stood with heads tilted skyward and were lucky enough to see a further 11 in an hour. I have never seen them before, and was blown away by their different strengths and colours.

My mother arrives for a few days this evening. I hope the torrential rain we have had here recently (the cause of floods at the weekend and near floods yesterday) can hold off for a few days so we can get out and go exploring sans enfants.

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