Monday, 12 April 2010

Being Put To Good Use

Back to school after the Easter Holidays and the weather is getting better. We have spent quite a lot of time outdoors over the last couple of weeks, and you can really notice the garden still gradually "waking up"... lots of bulbs coming up and blossom trees starting to show us what colour they are! I love the fact that the garden turns into an extra room in the warmer months, and the kids drastically spend more time outside. I think we also win the award for the most barbeque's so far in our neighbourhood this year, will just put it down to an over-excited husband wanting to break out the Webber because "it's not raining" but really wanting to try out his new gadget rotisserie thing... the neighbours also definitely know we are English now!!...

We are planning a last minute trip to the UK to see the baby, and to spend time with family members who are celebrating birthdays, April is a very busy birthday month for us!.. Will be back soon x

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